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BuildComm creates a dashboard environment that allows secure, web-based access to all critical information related to the project & ensures that the most current information is available 24/7 to the stakeholders. With the contact information available, questions can be resolved quickly. The Architect & General Contractor can easily see status of all company projects, regardless of location.

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Secure communication & collaboration for construction projects

Stakeholders receive latest project updates

Creates a transparent commercial construction environment

Available 24/7 anywhere & mobile accessible


A large construction project requires timely, seamless, accurate communication between architects, engineers, GC, subcontractors, & owners – all with different perspectives, needs, & objectives.


Our General Contractor Platform creates a managed, secure space that acts as a repository for all important, latest-version project information and documents. It also has contact details for all project partners. The web platform is always available to all stakeholders.


Utilize a collaboration web portal to create as transparent an environment as possible between all stakeholders in the construction project in order to:

  •  Improve efficiency with better communication
  •  Support & enhance project management
  •  Reduce costs with less rework
  •  Strengthen owner communications & relations